Morgan Danielle

Professional Makeup Artist

"You control the make-up, the make-up doesn't control you".


Morgan Danielle has always had a career in the arts. Born and raised in the heart of NYC's Chelsea, She is a product of her environment. Whether it's growing up around 1980's Drag Queens and Club Kids, the catwalks of Fashion Week or the art galleries of West Chelsea, she has no shortage of inspiration that infuses itself into every job she books.


While on a U.S. tour as bassist for an all girl punk group, Morgan took it upon herself to assemble the bands look each night with a mix of Blondie's big red lips and the New York Doll's eyeliner. When the tour ended music fell behind her, and make-up took over.

The more she continued to learn , the more she fell in love with not only beauty but horror/SFX make-up. She has now become a skilled sculptor and mold maker crafting fiber glass molds for silicone prosthetics and custome sculpted injuries for pros-aide transfers and gelatin appliances.


Morgan Danielle is an active freelance SFX/Beauty Make-up Artist.

She graduated from Fashion Industries and the Make-up Designory Masters Artistry Program in NYC. She has most recently worked as key for multiple photoshoots and independent films, and is looking forward for many more to come.